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the moment will search up 32 year-old Wang Min towards hospital, found that a whole lot more than ten insects would be gnawing consume her cornea. Wang Min may be the Wuchang some organization management manager, when four many years ago respond to some phone cheap sunglasses for recruits towards company, for are been prettier oneself, alter towards make contact with contacts the frame eyeglasses, Dai Jiu is 4 years. in the starting of March, the king delicate feels the vision being ill obviously,
    drops the vision drops being also unable to improve, grew the floccosoids till lately the eyeball on, looked the fact that factor is slurred. Yesterday, loved the vision clinic she to Wuhan, following ocular area CT the inspection, puma sunglasses medical professional found that a whole lot more than ten little insects have been nipping the foods Wang Min cornea.
    This courtyard cornea branch director after celebrated extends launched the fact that king delicate contracts may be the amoeba keratitis. These insects are known as the amoeba protozoan, is a single form of unicellular organism, in operating water, soil universal existence. Escapes often wears juicy sunglasses the make contact with lenses, or wears the make contact with contacts for any prolonged time, will produce the little harm to cornea's epithelial cell, will type the injured area

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