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Until saw Liang Jingru "Dexterity Meets Microcheiria" in the MV slanting bangs modelling, specially likes, that kind of bangs are the long slanting bangs, majority of sends the quantity to soften left side, however sweptback slanting cutting, left side cannot see anything, right side has the very big oblique flow sea to obstruct the profile. My also especially cheap ghd australia truncation chart printed has gotten down lets the hair stylist to the hair parlor cut according to my Zhong Yi bangs, will cut the later mood ultra good, the self-sensation was very fashionable. Bangs hairstyle design Bangs hairstyle design in 2011 the thick uneven bangs did not know how stages a comeback,

because the hair stylist said that the uneven bangs reduce the age effect to be very good, because of this view, I from already the bangs altered to the thick uneven bangs. Looks like has truly reduces the age the effect, is joined to my round face is very lovable, is also the self-sensation good, heh heh! in 2011 I am going against my uneven ghd glamour bangs year later thought thick bangs this modelling suddenly already more than one year, although was quite suitable I, also reduced the age very much,

but wanted to trade the hairstyle the idea to develop once again, has collected many hairstyle pictures, thought it over the spring to give from has cut broken bangs, others hairstylist said is very pleasant to hear, is called any waterfall cotton thread, I thought that actually said is quite good, was the broken bangs, the broken bangs big subversion uneven bangs little darling's feeling, has given people a hard time enlivens, as soon as looked that thought the very open and bright very extroversion, I wasSuch feeling, if the introversion beautiful eyebrow wants to let has been possible might as well to try this kind of ghd flat iron broken bangs from the lively spot, the right others hair stylist has been called the waterfall cotton thread, really can have certain effect! What bangs no matter changes into,

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